Tue-Sept-28, 2021
10:30 at Newbridge

Alcohol Policy

We remind all players that all rinks, where we play, prohibit alcohol of any kind to be brought to or consumed at their facilities/grounds. Any violation of the rinks' alcohol policy jeopardizes our ability to continue to play hockey at these rinks. Please adhere to and cooperate with this policy.

COVID-19 Rink Safety Protocols

Masks are still required at all rinks - Bethpage, Iceland, Newbridge. All teams/players need to continue wearing masks when entering and exiting the rinks. We appreciate your continued cooperation.

Fall 2021

The Fall 2021 season will start October. We will play 9 games with single elimination playoffs. More details are available at Fall 2021 Season.

Summer 2021

We have scheduled through Wednesday, 10/6.

Playoff Results

NOTE: The Master Schedule is the official playoff schedule. If there is any schedule discrepancy with the Master Schedule and the schedule info provided below (on the home page), teams/players are to follow the Master Schedule.

B League
Championship Game
B3 - 10/6 @10:00 @Newbridge - Lightning vs winner-B1
B2 - Charles in Charge - Gotard's triple boosts Lightning by Pawg Patrol 5-3
B1 - 9/29 @10:00 @Newbridge - #1-Old Core vs #4-GN-Bruins
C League
Championship Game
C3 - 10/4 @10:10 @Parkwood - 2G1P vs Scouts
C2 - Sudden Barrage - With five in five, 2G1P besiege Stormtroopers 10-4
C1 - Thumper - Scouts score early and cruise 9-0 over Mayhem
D1 League
Championship Game
D3 - 9/29 @9:40 @Cantiague - Snack Pack vs Bangers
D2 - Barnburner - With five in the 3rd, Snack Pack stuff Stingers 9-7
D1 - Toasted - Bangers score early and glide past PLT 8-2
D2 League
Championship Game
DD3 - 9/28 @10:30 @Newbridge - Bladerunners vs Rats
DD2 - Cheesy-Peasy - Rats whizz past Executioners 8-2
DD1 - Double Triple - Lagnese, Woods each trick, Bladerunners put down LI-Bruins 6-3
E League
Championship Game
E3 - 10/5 @9:45 @Newbridge - Team-X vs Misfits
E2 - Nick and Tuck - Nikas' late tip-in nudges Misfits past Morkmen 2-1
E1 - Man Bites Dog - Team-X stun Ice Dogs 2-1

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